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Support Your Local Red & White

If you support your local red & white then more power to you I guess. I’m not here to give a fuck. This post is my first reach out to an artist: Author, publisher & fellow blogger for brain pick-age: Still Breathin’ [http://www.brendendilley.com/] is the local red & white I mean. Self published locally, and … Continue reading

Organized Chaos Anyone?

Boycot the bill: SB1062. Governor Jan Brewer approved this bill! Set a date. Let’s infiltrate. What is the biggest, banning-est establishment to go to? July 7th, 2014 – sexuality freedom day – let’s do it. I love protesting, what the! How did this happen? Arizona. Massive sex rally just go wherever and start having sex … Continue reading

Life Goes On

Have you ever felt like you met someone in a past life, like your souls are truly intertwined, and your heart really burns like a forest fire for that one and only person? At 2:39 am today I had to pull to the side of the road, I burst into hysterics for no apparent reason. … Continue reading

But Then She Spoke And All Went To Hell

Sometimes you’re just an asshole who spends time sucking your own dick while fingering your dick hole. But I’m not here to judge, may your fuckery and self righteous bullshit carry you far away from me. People are fragile, but it’s all about being the change you want to see. Didn’t Gandhi say that? Way … Continue reading

we should and will to cheer.

We should and will to cheer about the coming change. We don’t need to stand on the platform of our egos. I am in all agreement that this is the now and I am not going to take the lethargic motion of others personally. For some it is a given purpose…. This weekend we shall … Continue reading

RIP Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, I hope his reincarnated self is cool, he is a forever kind of soul I bet in every lifetime. He was hot. Sometimes you’re hot and sometimes you’re even hotter. Two name names, you ever look that up in the “urban dictionary”? Ew. Madonna, Beyonce, sometimes you’re so hot you can just go … Continue reading

Sunday All Is Forgiven

Sunday morning is everyday said Kurt. Always it’s all forgiven. Unless it’s not, that’s usually true. You’re going to be judged any ways. Yom Kippur, that is one hell of a day too. Michael Jackson asked the rhetorical questions: Why? Why? Answer: Human Nature Rick Ross told the sweet tale of some guy asking him … Continue reading

gayer than gay

# 1062sb I went to the meeting/protest against sb1062, controversy. Leave it to AZ to create another racist sexist anti-everyone-but-christian bill. I hope I used those hyphens correctly. Politically correctly. I didn’t really know what to do. I’m not a nonviolent protester…which doesn’t mean that I’m violent.  I don’t commit to either. It irritates me … Continue reading

rather than die

Here I am at this busstop,my battery is close to death but I figure I might as well post something. This weekend was great. Good job everyone. Looking forward to this weekend working with arcology now. The ppc event went really well. We can’t do it there anymore tho. Homies tagged on walls. Really. my … Continue reading

sitting at powersurge

Well, it sure feels good to be around people building shows and DJ scenes. This venue, Stratus, its a fine venue.. I thought it would be bigger but the good thing is…it might look really full….with a lesser amount of people.  Photographers are important people. I really mean that. Brilliance. We ditched a structure in … Continue reading