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Support Your Local Red & White


If you support your local red & white then more power to you I guess. I’m not here to give a fuck. This post is my first reach out to an artist: Author, publisher & fellow blogger for brain pick-age: Still Breathin’ [http://www.brendendilley.com/] is the local red & white I mean.

Self published locally, and seemingly well known everywhere but home, which is quickly changing.

Anyways, you know what raw is? This book. Pretty straight forward, it’ll fulfill your self-help needs without being annoying (I.e. Be yourself but less lame and do it your own way), also has it’s own mini-10-step Kama Sutra for the modern (wo)man.

Somebody writing a blog post had a spontaneous weekend. But all good things must come to an end. Like PushaT asked, “You know what fame is? Sittin with the woman of your dreams and forgettin what her name is.” I’m sure that didn’t last long. After that he asked “You know what pain is?” … Do you, do you know? Personally I see pain as a pivotal point, you can puss out or woman up & grow from your pain.


Brenden Dilley, in man’a fashion, woman’d the fuck up & is pleased to share his tips/tricks of the trade (Spoiler: there’s no requirement or how to chapter on sprouting a vag, if you don’t have one of your own, then it sucks for you!).

If you didn’t click the other link, then you can read/get in the know here: http://www.brendendilley.com/



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