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Life Goes On


Have you ever felt like you met someone in a past life, like your souls are truly intertwined, and your heart really burns like a forest fire for that one and only person?

At 2:39 am today I had to pull to the side of the road, I burst into hysterics for no apparent reason. Everything happens for a reason.

Some people are soulmate friends, some people are soul mate lovers, some people are just soulmates for the sake of the soul. I met so many amazing people this weekend, not sure why I’m feeling so sad. Maybe I’m mourning.

Sometimes the people we love the most can’t be in our lives anymore. I’ve learned to, or I’m trying to not be so attached to people. You really all mean so much to me, it’s the worst sometimes to lose someone you love; be it in death, in dissolution or otherwise.

But I’m going back to being silly and what not after this post. LOVE, I am doing anything and everything from now on from a place of love. I can’t be “soft” my dude, I’m like a rapper and I don’t want to let Kanye West down. He knows I’m light years ahead of him, but don’t tell him or KimmyK or North, they’d FREAK!




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