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Support Your Local Red & White

If you support your local red & white then more power to you I guess. I’m not here to give a fuck. This post is my first reach out to an artist: Author, publisher & fellow blogger for brain pick-age: Still Breathin’ [http://www.brendendilley.com/] is the local red & white I mean. Self published locally, and … Continue reading

Organized Chaos Anyone?

Boycot the bill: SB1062. Governor Jan Brewer approved this bill! Set a date. Let’s infiltrate. What is the biggest, banning-est establishment to go to? July 7th, 2014 – sexuality freedom day – let’s do it. I love protesting, what the! How did this happen? Arizona. Massive sex rally just go wherever and start having sex … Continue reading

Life Goes On

Have you ever felt like you met someone in a past life, like your souls are truly intertwined, and your heart really burns like a forest fire for that one and only person? At 2:39 am today I had to pull to the side of the road, I burst into hysterics for no apparent reason. … Continue reading