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But Then She Spoke And All Went To Hell


Sometimes you’re just an asshole who spends time sucking your own dick while fingering your dick hole. But I’m not here to judge, may your fuckery and self righteous bullshit carry you far away from me. People are fragile, but it’s all about being the change you want to see. Didn’t Gandhi say that?


Way to be a shitstain on the time space continuum. Kim Kardashian did NOT emulate Paris Hilton just to be upstaged in her 2014 comeback – PH is a DJ now with that River V. & YMCMB. Ms. Hilton & Birdman… But she said she doesn’t like black guys, she “ugh can’t stand black guys”… Oh well. Fuck boys will be fuck boys, and fuck girls will be “basic bitches” forever. Smarten up as you fuck yourself. Or just keep fucking yourself, porn is art too, I like to watch.20140228-003708.jpg

Yeah so that freshman girl at Duke, getting shit for being a porn star and sociology/women’s studies major? Fucking progressive. Duke is a cool school bro. Way rad.




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