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RIP Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, I hope his reincarnated self is cool, he is a forever kind of soul I bet in every lifetime. He was hot.

Sometimes you’re hot and sometimes you’re even hotter. Two name names, you ever look that up in the “urban dictionary”? Ew.

Madonna, Beyonce, sometimes you’re so hot you can just go by one name. In high school all the hot guys go by their full name, think Mean Girls & Aaron Samuels or even better *Kevin G* …


Anyways, sometimes you go by your first and last name. Dolly Parton is funny as shit 1) her boobs are totes amaze 2) she has her own amusement park 3) the quote she has in Harper’s Bazaar UK: “I look like the girl next door – if you happen to live next door to an amusement park” – Dolly Parton


But we all can’t be Beyonce, the one name hottie we ALL know even by her shortened one-name-nickname “Yonce”. Keep trying to be the woman she’d be proud of, that’s what they want you to do, you’re doing GREAT!

You can tell by all of the innuendos she was never a freak in the sheets until Jay-Z… No true freak would act like a lady THAT long. Maybe she did like Twista advised with Jay & let him be her manager. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Nice job reading this, good luck on your pursuits of hotness.

It’s called sarcasm you gullible fuck.20140227-051752.jpg



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