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gayer than gay



I went to the meeting/protest against sb1062, controversy. Leave it to AZ to create another racist sexist anti-everyone-but-christian bill. I hope I used those hyphens correctly. Politically correctly. I didn’t really know what to do. I’m not a nonviolent protester…which doesn’t mean that I’m violent. 

I don’t commit to either.

It irritates me that people are even debating such a thing. It makes me want to make out with a guy in a church or something cozy like that. We should just start our own businesses and make our own rules. If not we are gonna sit here and watch political junkies hash tag it out.

Don’t even get me started on the government. What a joke…our local government just doesn’t get it. This city is so non-progressive that it is progressive in the field of being non-progressive. 

I think the phrase “social media” should be trashed. I just don’t like the way it sounds but I guess the concept is cool. I’m using this WordPress so I’m not really against the idea, only the phrase.

I’m late to work.




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