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rather than die

Here I am at this busstop,my battery is close to death but I figure I might as well post something. This weekend was great. Good job everyone.

Looking forward to this weekend working with arcology now.

The ppc event went really well. We can’t do it there anymore tho. Homies tagged on walls. Really. my own fault, secret is….I’m not really an artist.
I’m an agent of chaos. I’m not a fractal or a sacred geometry. I’m a bunch of jagged lines, spirals, circles & a little square.

I’m glad to hear that the lawn gnome bookstore has received lots of love. They are good people and if we find out who robbed the store, will collectively beat those fuckers with books.

They robbed the bank of knowledge…for its electronics. I’m guessing drugs were involved.

Anyway. Thank you to all new readers and followers. This site is about to get really cool thanks to our good friend Nicole.



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